Wednesday, May 19

The story of a young girl stranded on the side of the road.....

In the beginning there was a blond headed, blue-eyed girl who was having car troubles.

For those of you who don't know, I love my car. Its old but not that old and its blue (my favorite color). So, what was wrong with my beloved Mrs. J? Well, the problem was with it's 10 year old radiator. The side tanks that hold your coolant/water mixture were slowly leaking and I was always having to fill them back up. I had known about this problem for months but like any broke college student I kept putting off fixing it.

So last Wednesday night my dad and I decided it was time to fix my radiator. That way I could leave for Louisville, Ky without having to worry about being stuck on the side of the road. We spent all night working on my car and still had to wake up early on Thursday morning so I could leave by 10 o'clock central time. We did it, we finished it and I was able to leave on time. I was so excited and had even started bragging to some of my friends about how I had replaced my radiator without any problems.

11 miles.... that's all Mrs. J made it before I had to pull off the road. Now to defend my mechanic skills I stopped because my dad's car was on the side of the road and I wanted to make sure he did not need my help. Turns out dear ole daddy boy had a WRECK. Ok, so it was a fender binder and was no big deal, however; me having stopped to check on my dad saved Mrs. J's life.

Make note that it is always important to check all plugs when replacing a radiator! Since we had forgotten to check and see if they were all tight and in place, I got stranded on the side of interstate 85 for 2 and a half hours (luckily my dad was stranded right along beside me because his radiator had been cracked in the fender binder). Those all important plugs are what keep your coolant in the tanks and with one of my plugs gone all of my coolant/water mixture came rushing out from under Mrs. J's hood like a waterfall.

So with the culprit of the waterfall understood, we had to wait for my sleeping brother to answer our hundreds of nonstop phone calls so that he could become our knight in shining armor, but finally with him on the way we were saved. Once that stupid plug was put back in its rightful place and all the coolant replaced I was on my way to see my LOVESS!!!

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