Sunday, July 25

The Bulldog...

This is Hank. He is the second love of of my life, other than Tom.
He is in the  middle of a sneeze in this picture and even though he looks goofy I still love this photo.
Hank is a one year old English Bulldog. And even if some think this is stupid I believe that he might be the glue that holds me together when I don't get to talk to Tom. 

 He has such a wonderful personality and gets along with anyone/thing.
My roommate think that he is so VERY spoiled and it is true I would rather spend what money I do have on toys and things for my puppy than things for me. I hope this means that when I become a mommy one day I will spoil my kids in the proper ways and spend money on them rather than me .
Now can you see why I love him so much?
I think this color and photo is so artist. Okay so it probably isn't that artist but it is for me.

This is last one I will add of the Bulldog right now. This is so fascinating to me. It looks like he is smoking but of course he isn't. Crazy don't you think!

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