Wednesday, December 29

I have the greatest friends ever.....

SO.....I have the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for.

Earlier this week I posted this status on FaceBook: "Seriously, what am I suppose to do without Tom for a year?"

I received some of the sweetest comments and wall post ever on this status. 

So basically I wanted to say THANK YOU!!

I know that even though I will rarely get to see/talk to Tom after January, I will still have all of ya'll to keep me company and make me smile and laugh with I am struggling. 

Hey it is like what Alex said,"You've made it through so much already, this is just another step in getting to spend forever with Tom!"

 I believe her and everyone else when they say, "We can make it through this." It is true Tom and I have already been through so much that what is one year more of long distance compared to one day getting to finally spend a life time together.

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