Monday, February 28

Delima .. I need your help

Well after one cup of coffee and one red bull later the day is finally over. Today has been a long day, but an exciting one!

Why was it so exciting you might ask? We'll I had two school assignments moved to after spring break!! That means 2 extra weeks to work on things!!

But that isn't the real reason why today has been exciting

MY PCAT SCORE CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY!!!! For those of you who don't know it is the entrance exam for pharmacy school.

Now here is my delima......

Do I open the envelope and find out my score (its taken 6 weeks to get here) or just wait until after I know if I got an interview with Belmont's School of Pharmacy (then it doesn't really matter what I made)?

What do you think open it or not???

P.S. Tom is so mad I won't open it.


  1. Skype Tom, open it, show it to him without looking at it, have him confer with Hank, then have them tell you what to do from there. Then call me cause I want to frieking know lol. PS this is Jo