Sunday, February 27

Thankful Sunday's

Let's start a tradition. Let's pick one think from the last week that we are really thankful for. Okay, so maybe you won't start this tradition but I want too. I think it will be a good way to look back at my week and become thankful for something I might have over looked that week.

So lets begin......

The thing I am thankful for on this cloudy very warm, last Sunday in February are my beautiful lilies I got for Valentine's Day.

These are my favorite flowers in the entire world. My wonderful Lover boy had then sent to me for Valentines day!

It was a total surprise. You see we don't celebrate the holiday normally but since Tom was suppose to be gone he ordered them almost a month in advance.

Super sweet I know and amazing, my guy thought weeks in advance and ordered me the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen!

What is one thing you are thankful for this week?

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