Wednesday, March 9

The season of Lent

I will not lie, I had to think long and hard about what I wanted to give up for Lent this year.

In the past  couple of years I have given up soft drinks and and Facebook.
I was able to stay off Facebook but giving up on of my sources of caffeine didn't work. It might have lasted a week.

So what am I giving up this year?

I am giving up my addiction to watching TV while I am trying to fall asleep at night.
It's a horrible habit, not to mention it not a healthy habit to have.
Studies have shown you have a better night sleep when you have no tv's or computers in your bedroom.

I told Tom I was giving up this habit and he was shocked, mainly because he was hoping I was going to give up the sound machine that has been putting me to sleep since the 7th grade.

(He hates it with a passion.)

What are you giving up for lent?

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