Monday, March 7

Thankful Sunday on a Monday

So I was a little busy over the weekend designing a robot (that's another story on its own) and unfortunately did not have time to write down what I was thankful for this past week.

After everything that happened last week I have to say I am thankful for our military.

They do so much for us, more than we will ever know. I am thankful that they are out there fighting for my freedom.

Here are couple of soldiers I know personally that I would like to thank:

This is Zac, Tom's cousin. Zac lost his life on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 fighting for our freedom. He will always be remembered. Thank you, Zac!
This is Blitz, my daddy. This picture was taken in Afghanistan.
 This is Alex, Tom's Brother. He was a Marine and did 2 tours over seas. 

This is Toms brother, Paul, is currently in Washington. 
This is my twin brother, Conlyn, he left for active duty on Thursday and will be deployed to Iraq within the next month. 
This is the boyfriend, I do not have a picture of him in uniform because he leaves for training in May.

I am very thankful for these men and all the others I know personally, plus the others I have yet to meet.
You all hold a special place in my heart.

Thank you!

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