Sunday, June 19

I'm Back

Sorry I took an unexpected hiatus from "Laney Time", life has been super busy lately.

After the tornado, I had to figure out what I wanted to do. Stay in my depressing but beloved Ttown or move on to a new adventure. I chose the latter of the two and am now a resident of 30A (yes, that is Flordia). What can I say, I am pretty please with this new step in my life even if it is only for the

I am loving it down here! Life is so laid back and I don't have to be at work till 4 everyday so this pale girl is trying to get her tan on. And, yes by tan I mean I am trying to not get burnt every time I go to the beach in hopes that I can get some color! But on the bright side of never getting tan my hair is getting blonder (it will probably be white by the end of the summer).

Oh and yes, Tom the boyfriend is off on his own adventure as well. He is now at Fort Benning, Ga till the December which means when its a hit or miss to talk to him but hey I do get my beloved LOVE LETTERS in the mail every so often!  These letter are how I am surviving this whole not getting to talk to him or see him. Of course I am writing him too. Everyday to be exact.

Well I am off  to get my tan on for the day. Till next time!


Sunday, June 5

Summer loving...

So my plans have changed and changed again....

After the tornado, I did not know if Ttown was the right place for me. So I came home for a couple of days and then went to see my lover boy before he left for basic.

Then on to Ttown I went, then came my beach vacation with my family, minus my Twin who is fighting over seas for our freedom. And you know what? I got a job down in Destin.

 So long story short, I have moved out of 705 (sad that I am not longer in my beloved Ttown) and Hello beach life!