Friday, September 23

Crunch time

I am not going to lie. I am suppose to be studying my life away. Remember back in January when I was "freaken" out about that test I had to take, you know the one that says if I am smart enough to get into the school of my dreams. Well, yup you guess right, I am taking it again, on MONDAY. Ahhhhh

No, I am not ready. And yes, I know that getting into this school is going to take some extra loving from GOD, but all I have is time now. I know I shouldn't be stressed but I always seem to be. Life in these past months has taken more twist and turns than I allotted it. But I guess that is what living is all about. Knowing that something good will eventually come, hopefully.

Well, I am waiting on that something good. If I don't get into this program, I will have to think of a new dreams, a new aspiration, which I wont lie kind of excites me. I have always wanted to take pictures, grant it don't even own a camera. I know, I know who doesn't own a camera. Well you are looking at her. I have also always wanted to work with people. I don't know how but I know that  I love the interaction you have with others and I would be so bored and lonely sitting in a cubicle all day long.

I want to be successful but I don't want to base my success on wealth. I want to base it on happiness. Am a thrilled to be doing this, and I am in love with it? I want to love my job. I want to know that I am making a difference.  Most importantly I really want to be living at the beach.

Well I am off for a walk on the beach.

- Alanna

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