Saturday, September 3

I have no idea where I'm going, but I'm going somewhere.

So lately I haven't been able to sleep. I'll fall asleep at 3am and find myself wide awake by 8am. I have a friend that says I just don't have the "sleeping talent" but I think it is because life is stressing me the f*&% out. I mean you can see it all over my face I am sure.

If you haven't noticed I have been using this space lately more as an outlet than a story teller. Maybe that is a good thing and maybe it is a bad thing, who really knows. All I know is lately my mind has been wondering.

It has been asking me questions after questions. Like, "Alanna, are you really doing this?" I'll of course ask back doing what, and then it just almost immediately spits back numerous Questions, ones I don't really want to hear.

So, mind here is my answer for you, "I have no idea where I'm going, but I'm going somewhere." Does that work for you?

Life you have been throwing twists at me lately and I am now prepared, how I don't really know but I am. I am ready for this new phase "mind", even if you are not .So here is me, answering all these questions once and for all, so mind become prepared to be amazed: 

Yes, I am single, no I have no one perspective new guy. Yes I am living in a new city, no, I don't have many new friends but the ones I do have will be there with me till the end. Yes, I am scared, but then again what is living with out taking some crazy chances when you can.  And yes mind, I am getting a tattoo, so get over it, it is gonna happen and it is happening some. Yes, I wasn't a rebel when I was younger. Okay, fine, yes I did have that one phase but this one is better. This one I am older for. This one I know I can handle without getting hurt. And the questions continue my ultimate response for now is "I have no idea where I'm going, but I'm going somewhere."


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