Friday, May 21

Farm style living

Who knew I lived on a FARM?

Ok, so I don't really live on a farm but it sure feels like it sometimes. I all started when we lived in town, I was in 5th grade when we got the pug, Pugsely. Then for my 13th birthday I got my kitty cat, Zoe. A couple of years later we got Cj, my little sister's Norwegian Forest cat. Then of course a couple of months later brother wanted a dog, so we got O'ryan. Well we all fell in love with O'ryan but found out about a week after we adopted the cute puppy that he had parvo and we unfortunately we had to put him asleep. My twin was devastated by this loss so that Christmas my mom and dad surprised him with a black lab puppy. We named her Dixie and she was one crazy puppy. Within the year that we had her she chewed up numerous shoes and other household items. By the next October, Dixie was giving birth to 10 beautiful puppies. She was a great mother but unfortunately a week after giving birth to her litter she was killed. This death was a shock to the whole family.

We really had no idea how to take care of 10 week old puppies but we somehow cooped and all 10 puppies survived!

Of course after having to take care of all those puppies, we wanted to keep all of them, but we didn't need 10 more animals at our house. Conlyn was allowed to choose one puppy to keep (he choose the large male dog of the whole liter, Boogie) and the rest we gave away. Ok, so that's a lie. We ended up keeping one more of the puppies, Lacey Jo, who was the runt of the litter.

So after now keeping two of the puppies, this brought our total number of animals up to 5. That equaled an animal for each family member.

I bet you think that is all of them, right? Well for a couple of years that was correct, all up until my dad of all people found a stray kitten, who had a deformed paw that we like to call it the elephant huff. We named her Ally because she was found in an ally downtown.

Ally was a wild cat and she showed it. She did not like to be petted or even picked up. She would hiss and spit, something I have never seen before.

So, now with Ally this brought our family total to 5 humans and 6 animals.

That's enough right? Ok, it wasn't enough. You know how some people are hoards of stuff, well my family might be hoards of animals.

As of April we have another new addition to the family. Its the cutest little orange and white male kitten. We refer to him as Big O.

Now we are at 7 animals, and I thought we were done but then I remembered one of the loves of my life that I did not include in this farm list. That love would Hank, Tom and mines English Bulldog. Hank and I are rarely at my parents house but since we are here for a couple of weeks this brings the total to 8.

Yes, 8 animals is crazy and I do seem to live on an animal farm but I would have it no other way.

Wednesday, May 19

November cant get here SOON ENOUGH....



THAT ADDS UP TO 12+30+31+31+30+31+5 = 170 DAYS

170 DAYS TILL TOM COMES HOME FROM montana... I will be counting down the days till I get to see him again so get ready for one BIG blog count down

The story of a young girl stranded on the side of the road.....

In the beginning there was a blond headed, blue-eyed girl who was having car troubles.

For those of you who don't know, I love my car. Its old but not that old and its blue (my favorite color). So, what was wrong with my beloved Mrs. J? Well, the problem was with it's 10 year old radiator. The side tanks that hold your coolant/water mixture were slowly leaking and I was always having to fill them back up. I had known about this problem for months but like any broke college student I kept putting off fixing it.

So last Wednesday night my dad and I decided it was time to fix my radiator. That way I could leave for Louisville, Ky without having to worry about being stuck on the side of the road. We spent all night working on my car and still had to wake up early on Thursday morning so I could leave by 10 o'clock central time. We did it, we finished it and I was able to leave on time. I was so excited and had even started bragging to some of my friends about how I had replaced my radiator without any problems.

11 miles.... that's all Mrs. J made it before I had to pull off the road. Now to defend my mechanic skills I stopped because my dad's car was on the side of the road and I wanted to make sure he did not need my help. Turns out dear ole daddy boy had a WRECK. Ok, so it was a fender binder and was no big deal, however; me having stopped to check on my dad saved Mrs. J's life.

Make note that it is always important to check all plugs when replacing a radiator! Since we had forgotten to check and see if they were all tight and in place, I got stranded on the side of interstate 85 for 2 and a half hours (luckily my dad was stranded right along beside me because his radiator had been cracked in the fender binder). Those all important plugs are what keep your coolant in the tanks and with one of my plugs gone all of my coolant/water mixture came rushing out from under Mrs. J's hood like a waterfall.

So with the culprit of the waterfall understood, we had to wait for my sleeping brother to answer our hundreds of nonstop phone calls so that he could become our knight in shining armor, but finally with him on the way we were saved. Once that stupid plug was put back in its rightful place and all the coolant replaced I was on my way to see my LOVESS!!!

Wednesday, May 12

Laney.. where'd that come from?

Thank you Ms. Bodet for this title, I will for sure miss you this summer as you are off being a "camper". For those of you who do not know, Laney was a nickname given to me by my 5 roommates, yes I did say 5. I live with 5 GIRLS in a castle behind Tutwiler (I'll let your mind wonder on that thought).

Here are a couple of things you need to know:

1. I am a clean freak
2. I am obsessed with my English bulldog, Hank
3. I stress out way to easily
4.I might enjoy hello kitty a little to much
5. Long distance is a part of my everyday life

I do not know what I will use this blog for immediately but I am sure I will come up with some ideas soon!