Wednesday, June 16


IM going to MONTANA!!!

Yes, that is right you did read it correctly! I will going to Montana around the end of summer!! I am super excited not only to see Tom, but also to see a different part of the country. I hear it is beautiful out there. I will be camping and hiking and maybe making a quick trip to dear ole Canada. I also have a couple of surprises up my sleeve for Tommy boy!!

Monday, June 7


I know that life is hard and that its the struggles that make you stronger, but some struggles are so hard that it is hard to see through them.

I know that everyone, no matter how much money they have or how many friends they have each experiences struggles.

This post is for me to get my struggles out so that I can help myself get past them.

Struggle #1:
I know that I deal with long distance everyday but I hate it and I struggle with knowing if he is ever going to be coming back.

Struggle #2:
Trying to relax. I am working almost 40 hours a week and taking classes plus trying to give Hank all the attention he needs.

Struggle #3:
Trying to make myself realize that being broke all the time will one day pay off. I hate sitting at home while everyone is out spending money, or going shopping with people who can spend however much money while I have no money to spend.

Struggle #4:
Knowing that all this schooling and my hard work will pay off with a job or grad school or just something.

Struggle #5:
Only spending 25 dollars on groceries every two weeks. This one sounds stupid but I normally don't even have 25 dollars to spend and always craving something I cant afford, so when I go to the store I have to make myself only buy the essentials.

Struggle #6:
Not being jealous of others for what they have. Right now I am pretty much at the dispense of others because Mrs. J is with my parents. So if I need to go somewhere I have to walk or wait till one of my roommates is going somewhere. I am also always working and everyone is just hanging out so it is hard for to watch them have fun.

Struggle #7:
Not being able to talk/see Tom. Tom is in the woods for 8 days then gets 5 days off and when he is not working he is out exploring Montana. I hate this struggle every moment of everyday but I know that he is happy and that all I want.

more struggles to come......