Tuesday, August 31

Why I do not like WINTER......

So most people hate the winter, right? Yes they might like that it is cooler/ freezing cold. They might like the snow or the Christmas falls during the winter. But seriously who loves the WINTER.

Ok, so maybe I don't really hate the winter or dislike the winter but I was very disappointed by a family whose last name is Winter.

Maybe I was brought up extra well to know things difference between right and wrong but that this family has done is so completely wrong.

Here is the background to to story. We needed a 6th roommate for out mansion behind Tutwiler and we all had been looking hard to think someone. Lucky a couple of weeks before our senior year started Ty Ty found a sophomore who was transferring from a small school down south near the beach. Her name was Winter and she needed a place to live for the year. We were so excited to have found someone.

Winter was younger than us but we could not wait to have her move in and get to know her. We knew she was scared of this big change in her life but we knew we could be there for her like her big sisters.

So she moved in and everything was so great well it was for the first couple of days. We could tell Winter missed home from the moment she stepped foot in our door but we tried to make her feel at home.

Then things started to go weird she started going home all the time, even skipped out of rush and went home. She would up things on her Facebook like "I should have stayed home and gone to community college".... and ect.

Here is a little back story on our mansion behind Tut. We have 6 bedrooms but only 5 people can be on the lease because in this old fashion town having 6 people on a lease means we are running a brothel. Since Winter was the last one to verbally agree she was going to live with us she was not on the lease.

So of course our worst nightmares about Winter came true last Thursday. She up and left without a note about where she was going. We finally received a text hours later say that she have withdrew from school and was back at home.


Now, don't get me wrong I know she is not legally bound to pay rent anymore but shouldn't you feel bad about something like this?

Winter is one of those people who only care about themselves and I feel bad for her. She left all of us without a caring what this would do to us. How this would become a financial burden on all of us. She did not even care that she was leaving the one guy who would probably only love her high and dry. Oh, did I mention that she did not even tell her boy toy, a guy she never claimed to to date but she went and celebrated their 2 year only 2 days before she left, that she was going to withdraw from classes and move home.

This sweet boy did the best thing he could do for himself and that was get rid of someone who never even really cared about him.

Like I said I do feel bad for Winter. She is missing out on a great year with some awesome people. We all really did enjoy her company and wanted her to love her time with us. But you can only do so much....

So, this is just a little insight into why I no longer like WINTER....Don't get me wrong I still love cold weather at times, snow, and of course Christmas but Winter will forever be tainted by a girl that only cared about her self.