Wednesday, December 29

I have the greatest friends ever.....

SO.....I have the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for.

Earlier this week I posted this status on FaceBook: "Seriously, what am I suppose to do without Tom for a year?"

I received some of the sweetest comments and wall post ever on this status. 

So basically I wanted to say THANK YOU!!

I know that even though I will rarely get to see/talk to Tom after January, I will still have all of ya'll to keep me company and make me smile and laugh with I am struggling. 

Hey it is like what Alex said,"You've made it through so much already, this is just another step in getting to spend forever with Tom!"

 I believe her and everyone else when they say, "We can make it through this." It is true Tom and I have already been through so much that what is one year more of long distance compared to one day getting to finally spend a life time together.

Monday, December 27

2011 is coming too fast

 2011 is coming way to fast.....

I know everyone loves the new year. It brings about the hope of new beginnings and the excitement of what is to come. I am not going to lie 2011 is going to bring about some major changing in my life. Some of these changes are exciting and some make me want to run back to the beginning of 2010 and savor every moment I didn't.

You might be asking, what does 2011 hold for me? Why am I afraid of it?

Well here is the truth 2011

1. I will be graduating from college. 
    This is an exciting event in my life. I am looking forward to joining the real world, however; I am scared because I am a biology major who will also have a psychology minor and I haven't a clue what to do with my life.

2. My twin brother is being deployed over seas in March.
Yes, it is true that I knew from the moment he joined the army, following in my daddy's footsteps, that he would have to fight in the war. He is 3 minutes older than me and he is suppose to watch me walk across that stage and receive that piece of paper that says, "Alanna, You did it. You conquered college." Yet, he won't by there, he will be over seas in Iraq fighting for my freedom and the freedom of my friends and family.

3. The love of my life will also be leaving for his military career. 
I met Tom my freshman year of college on a blind date. We have been together ever since. Ok, so we have been together as much as we could be. He went to Auburn so it was a long distance type of relationship. My sophomore year he graduated from Auburn and I was so proud to watch him walk across that stage knowing he had worked very hard to be there. My junior year he moved back to his hometown of Louisville, Ky and then later to Helena, Mt. He is now finally back in Alabama even though he is living 4 hours away from me it is nice to have him this close!
     But back to him. Tom joined the Army as an officer in July. He will be leaving on Jan 31 for a year of training and then he has 3 years of active duty, where he could be stationed pretty much anywhere.
    I am terrified of what is to come. He will not be able to watch me walk across that stage either. This makes me sad because he has listen to me cry, complain, and rejoice over test and assignments pretty much my whole college career and as much as I will deserve my diploma he deserves to see he walk across that stage and receive it because he held my hand the whole way through giving my the strength to achieve it.
   I am also scared because his training means I will get to talk to him every couple of weeks for a few minutes at a time and then I will get to see him once maybe twice in April and then maybe in July and after that I am not sure where he will be or even when I will get to see him.

2011 is going to be a scary year. This coming year might be the scariest one yet. I am hoping that even through all of the struggles I am going to have to go through I will leave 2011 stronger than when the year began.