Monday, February 28

Delima .. I need your help

Well after one cup of coffee and one red bull later the day is finally over. Today has been a long day, but an exciting one!

Why was it so exciting you might ask? We'll I had two school assignments moved to after spring break!! That means 2 extra weeks to work on things!!

But that isn't the real reason why today has been exciting

MY PCAT SCORE CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY!!!! For those of you who don't know it is the entrance exam for pharmacy school.

Now here is my delima......

Do I open the envelope and find out my score (its taken 6 weeks to get here) or just wait until after I know if I got an interview with Belmont's School of Pharmacy (then it doesn't really matter what I made)?

What do you think open it or not???

P.S. Tom is so mad I won't open it.

Sunday, February 27

Thankful Sunday's

Let's start a tradition. Let's pick one think from the last week that we are really thankful for. Okay, so maybe you won't start this tradition but I want too. I think it will be a good way to look back at my week and become thankful for something I might have over looked that week.

So lets begin......

The thing I am thankful for on this cloudy very warm, last Sunday in February are my beautiful lilies I got for Valentine's Day.

These are my favorite flowers in the entire world. My wonderful Lover boy had then sent to me for Valentines day!

It was a total surprise. You see we don't celebrate the holiday normally but since Tom was suppose to be gone he ordered them almost a month in advance.

Super sweet I know and amazing, my guy thought weeks in advance and ordered me the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen!

What is one thing you are thankful for this week?

Friday, February 25

New Hobby Friday

I have a new hobby .......


It all started about a year ago but this semester I have gone climbing every Friday! It is a fun different type of workout.  I am sore all over after a get back from a good climb and I am working muscle I never have before.

I enjoy bouldering more than I enjoy an actual climb. Bouldering is where you stay within about 10ft of the ground and climb with no harness.

This is what a boudlering wall looks like ----------->

Now if you are looking for a workout where you can look cute and not get dirty this is not the sport for you. I have blisters and cracks all over my hands from the rocks and so much caulk under my nails. But I promise if you don't care about being sore, having rough hands and caulk all over you then you enjoy this sport.

Now for this sport you really don't want to wear shorts, you bang up your legs and it can become painful plus you have to wear one of these         --------->
and shorts just aren't comfortable in a harness.

Now to the shoes, I love shoes so being able to pick your own shoes is a major benefit. At most climbing walls you can rent shoes and harness which is wonderful when you are starting out and trying to decided if the sport is for you. Once you decided that you love the sport as much as I do, you get to start looking for your own gear.

Now, since I am new to the rock climbing world I don't have any real recommendations at this time but once I find things that I love you better bet I will post on them!!

Do you like to climb? Do you have any recommendation for gear on a tight budget?

Someone very wise once said....

Someone very wise once told me, actually this wise person told me today:
"If you can't image your life without them then you shouldn't be with them."

Now you might be asking why this advice means anything to me, but really instead you should be asking why this advice means everything to me.

Well ........

This map is why that quote means everything to me. This is not just any old map, this map depicts the places where the boyfriend has lived in comparison to me. Oh, and just so you know we have never lived in the same town.

I know you are probably still wondering what does this map have to do this quote that is now dictating my life.

To be honest this map has everything to do with the quote. I would have never been told the quote, had it not been for the distance that is always between the boyfriend and I.

Today, I has been a struggle. I have been dealing with the distance for almost 3 years now and it seems like some days are harder than others. Today was one of those struggle days. If your a girl you will understand, today was one of those days when I was looking for assurance that we are going to make it through these next couple of years of long distance and he gave me nothing. I can not blame him though it seems like I have needed reassurance everyday this week and I am sure he is just tired of it.

And then here came that quote...Honestly it came from a person I would have never expect but it was exactly what I needed. 

No matter what happens, I know that he is exactly what I need and what I want and I cannot see my future without him in it.

So thank you very wise person for the quotes that has changed my outlook on life

Thursday, February 24

Hank Shows off his Smile

Hank had a good day today and he just wanted to show his smile off.

He is the cutest thing. I have read that the reason why dogs make faces at us when we first walk in the door is because they are following by our example.

So I guess to Hank this is what I look like when I get excited to see him after a long day.

I mean who wouldn't  love to come home to this face everyday!?