Monday, May 2

It all ended in a WHRILWIND

I am still in shock. Who would have thought that 4.27.11 would be a day that would change my world and my outlook on life.

For those of you who do not know, I live in Tuscaloosa, AL. Yes, the home town of the crimson tide but more recently the town that got hit by an EF 5 tornado.  The town I love it now unrecognizable.

Honestly I am lucky to be alive. The storm hit 3 blocks from my house. Had it not turned and gone down 15th street my home would no longer be standing. A grateful as I feel that God spared my house I am more humbled by the herd of volunteers that have driven from all over the place to help.

This was not a small tornado. It is the largest you can get and in the wake of the storm it left a path of destruction  a mile wide and over 10 miles long. In the path of this storm were numerous business and homes. Some where my own families home and others were my friends homes. Some who lost only a little and some who lost everything.

Here are picture of my beloved town:

First let me put into perspective for you these apartments are behind and the left of my house.

This was a regular eatery of mine and my roommates.

This is smoothie king, where one of my friends worked. She was lucky enough to have left about 15 minutes before the tornado hit. 


These 3 picture are of one of my friends house. It use to be a two story house. They saw the tornado coming on T.V. and gathered the dogs and a mattress from the second floor. They all piled into a tiny pantry and waited the storm out. It was pitch black in the panty but after the storm there was light and they knew they were lucky to be alive,
April, Zach and John, I am so glad ya'll are alive and ok!!

Above and to the right is my aunts house. She was lucky that it was still standing. It however had 3 huge trees on it, might I mention that now of them are from her yard. The whole right side of here house is gone, we could not even get into the rooms that use to be there. Her two dogs were from in one of the room hiding under her bed. The dogs are now safe and sound with minor injuries and are being taken care of by a nice vet in Birmingham, AL.

 My Aunt was still at the University when the tornado hit. She would have normally been at home during the time but the school made her stay. She was very lucky. The tornado had popped up so her neighborhood did not get the full blunt of it.

This is a picture of her neighbors car. It had about 3 trees on it. Her neighbors were home when the storm hit. They are all alive and okay. 

This is a picture from on top of my aunts house. If you look closely you can see DCH which is the hospital. It is over 5 miles away and you should not have been able to see it.

This is also from the top of my aunts house looking the other way. There use to be town homes on this ridge but the tornado touched down here and now  all you can now see are the foundations of the homes. 

The following pictures are of the destruction behind my house. I still can not believe how lucky we all got that day. 

There are numerous ways to help my beloved city. Feel free to add a comment if you would like to know how you can help. Tuscaloosa has been my home for the past 4 years. It is a place I love and a place that now needs all the help it can get.